Information for Potential Participants

This page provides general information for people thinking about taking part or wishing to take part in one of the studies that make up our research programme.

Participants of specific studies are selected based upon certain criteria so only those individuals meeting these criteria will be eligible to take part. If you agree to take part in a study you will receive detailed information specific to that study.

Please contact the centre for further information regarding eligibility.


The personal information collected during a study is always kept confidential. Data is not labelled with your personal details and is stored securely.

We occasionally share data with collaborators, however, this data is always anonymous, your name, address and contact information never leave the David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre.

Only study personnel will have access to your details and the data collected. You will not be personally identified in any reports or publications resulting from studies.

Involvement of your General Practitioner (GP)

If we are performing tests and we feel the results could be useful for your future medical care, we will ask your permission to share these results with your GP.

If you do not want results to be shared with your GP we will respect this wish.

Use of Samples Provided

How we use any samples that you give will depend on the nature of the study in which you are taking part and the consent you have given.

You will receive a comprehensive Participant Information Sheet which will give you more detail.

Research Results

We aim to publish the results of our research in medical journals and local press so that doctors and researchers can make use of them.

It will not be possible to identify you personally in any of the publications.

Research Ethics

All of our research is reviewed by the Local Research Ethics Committee.

We will not commence any study without receiving a favourable ethical opinion from this committee.


If you have a concern about any aspect of the research you are taking part in, you should contact the study team (you will be given their details when you consent to take part).

You can also contact:

  • Sharon Matthews at the David Hide Asthma and Allergy Centre on +44 01983 534897.
  • Alex Punter (Lead for Research and Development, St Mary’s Hospital) by e-mail at [email protected].

If necessary, you also have the normal NHS complaints procedures available to you.

If you decide not to take part

If you decide not to take part or you wish to withdraw, you can do so at any time. Your decision will not affect the medical care you receive.